Small Volume. Original Wines. Made Creatively. Designed Artistically. Drunk Enjoyably.

About Y2KX Collective

The Y2KX Collective is a growing group of talented people who are eager to craft wines that educate and interest you, the wine drinker. Y2KX provides an opportunity for people to collaborate together and do something different and interesting, take a few risks, think outside the square and create something to get excited about.

We could tell you about terrior, soil structures, hand selected grapes from the best vineyards known to humanity, artisan winemaking, mother natures blessings…..but we think that is a bit boring (until we have to write our first back label and get mental block).

Our first wines are due to launch in early 2018, follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to join us for the ride.

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